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I Think I Need A Sunrise

...I'm Tired of the Sunset

19 September 1987
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I'm Nina
I'm 21
I'm a Jehovah's Witness
I constantly have a goal I want to pursue
I think & dream WAY to much
I love coffee, water, green tea and ice tea
Two words: Taco Bell
Friends keep me going
Music is everything to me
I'm the oldest of six
I'm a bank teller
I'm simple and laid back.
People say I'm very mature and responsible for my age
In all honesty, I feel I'm very immature
I love meeting new people
I try to the best of my ability to show everyone I meet with respect
Baking is my favorite past time
I can be quiet
I can be quite loud at times too
I don't take many things seriously, only when necessary
Summer = <3
Live shows are the best!
I can sit here all day and write down everything that I love and hate but, I find that pointless so feel free to talk to me. I'm very nice I swear! I'll bake you cookies!

"Five sparrows sell for two coins of small value, do they not? Yet not one of them goes forgotten before God. But even the hairs of YOUR heads are all numbered. Have no fear; YOU are worth more than many sparrows." - Luke 12:6,7

Bands You Need To Know About:


The Goodnight Anthem

The Skylife

Romance On a Rocketship

Dropout Year

The Dangerous Summer

The Great American Soundtrack

The Gaslight Anthem