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You Got Files On Me - I Think I Need A Sunrise [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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You Got Files On Me [May. 25th, 2009|08:22 am]
[Current Music |Minus The Bear]

Where to begin.
Well, at this moment I am sick. It's a head cold nothing too serious but at the same time I have been pushing my body to the limit the past couple of weeks and ultimately I just basically laid in bed barely being able to move a muscle yesterday. I feel a lot better today cause I kept drinking orange juice and water, which helped a lot.

Monday I got my hair cut(again). But, this time I'm growing it out and Francine chopped a lot off! I was actually shocked when she was done. But, hey, it looked good and she had to match the length up with the longer pieces in the front. That night I raced to see Star Trek(again) in Delaware with friends. I'm pretty good at following directions but for some reason I got turned around. It was annoying but regardless I found my way there. I can tell you right now that I will most likely be seeing Star Trek again! I'm trying so hard to hold off till it comes out on DVD but, its hard.

Tuesday, went to see The Secret Handshake and The Great American Soundtrack at The Trocadero Balcony. Randomly bumped into Angel and Janelle before I hit the doors. Hugged them like I haven't seen them in over 10 years. Talked to them a bit as Julie and Danielle ran upstairs to see the band. Had a great time. I was so tired that night though. All I wanted to do was sit and enjoy the bands but there were no seats around so I had no choice but to stand. To be totally honest I only truly enjoyed 3 bands. The Great American Soundtrack, The Dangerous Summer and The Secret Handshake. The other two...ugh. I saw The Morning Of... before and I thought there were okay but I wasn't about to jump up and buy their cd. I feel so bad I can't even remember the other bands name. So, what does that say about them? I like how Simon Cowell always put it "You were unforgettable".
Over all I had a great time. I just wish I wasn't so tired that night. I would have enjoyed myself more if I wasn't.

Oh! Before I forget. I picked up The Great American Soundtrack's new cd. And its really good! I highly recommend it! So, I really want you guys to check them out:

I will be posting this along with my other banners in my userinfo as well.

I just realized what time it was and need to get ready for field service! I have way more to say but I think ending on TGAS is a good way to stop! Let me know what you guys think of them. Love you all!