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Head in Hands, I Find That I've Been Fighting the Words - I Think I Need A Sunrise [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Head in Hands, I Find That I've Been Fighting the Words [May. 21st, 2009|09:58 pm]
[Current Music |Valencia]

What's in a name? In my opinion it can mean a lot. I mean really think about it. You are your name for the rest of your life. Unless, like me your a girl and your last name is changed. But, seriously people are calling you this FOREVER. Unless you have some serious personality makeover and decide to completely change it. Or your going by an alter ego. Or you're running from the police or a serious abusive relationship and change your identity. Usually this doesn't happen often. People get made fun of because of their name. Make jokes out of it cause it rhymes with another word or just sounds funny. That's fun sometimes. Sometimes your name has a great ring to it and people just love saying your name a certain way or ways. Names are funny. Your parents named you a certain name cause of the meaning. Does your name have a special meaning to your parents, culture or did they name you after where you were conceived? Some people have what I like to call "hand me down" names. I for one have one and it can get a bit irritating. Cause almost everyone on my mothers side have the middle name Marie and my mother is saying I have no choice but to give my future daughter that middle name. I beg to differ, I personally want to break that mold.(will see how I feel in the future). Names are very interesting. To me anyway, everyone always has a history behind their name. That's what I find so intriguing about them.
My name is Nina Marie Malone. My mother got my first name off of a soap opera! I find that hilarious. My middle name is the annoying "hand me down" name. And I love my last name Malone. Not many people have that last name and I always get so excited when I meet someone with it. I love how people mistaken my last name for Maloney or spell it wrong and spell it with two L's instead of one. But, the most irritating thing about my last name is the horrendous jokes that go along with it. "Maloney Baloney".....ughhhhhhhh. Pet peeve right there. But, I have to say I love it when people shout out my last name. I love the ring it has. I love my last name. That's why I think when I get married I'll miss my last name the most. I'm proudly sport it till then.

What about you? What is the story behind your name? What about titles?? Now that's a whole 'nother story.