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OMG [May. 15th, 2009|09:30 am]
Last night me, Danielle and Sydney all went to The Note in West Chester, PA to see The Audition. Me and Danielle absolutely love The Audition and couldn't be more excited! I have been waiting for that night for too long and the fact that the previous day was extremely stressful and emotional, really made me just ecstatic to go to the show.
But, there were lot of craziness going on before and after the show. Well, first of all I just want to say before I go on and describe the ridiculousness of the night. I love The Note! LOVE it! It's almost perfect, just almost though. I love the the way its set up, the look and feel of the place. It easily became one of my favorite venues.
Anyway, well, Danielle had a bit of a surprise before we entered the doors. That's all I'm going to say on that. It was fine, I thought it was a nice surprise but, she begs to differ.
I'm not trying to be a jerk about the whole situation or anything cause I don't know how she is feeling but, for me its hard being in the middle. I have been put in the middle of people affairs pretty much my whole teenage life and it starts to become pretty exhausting and annoying after a while. And it makes me feel awkward and weird. I just didn't understand why you were SO standoffish. I can understand the whole keeping a distance on the internet and stuff, but he came UP to you! He obviously wanted to talk to you but, you just basically walked away. I'm sorry. I thought it was a bit childish. I had to get that off my chest.

Okay, so after that The Scenic played they were actually really good. I enjoyed them a lot.
Then after that...this is just insane. There is a certain point where you're not allowed to bring drinks past the bar area. So, this guy had his hands full of drinks and was going into the pit and he got stopped by the security guy so we were sitting at the front table. There was an empty space next to me and he asked if he could leave his drinks there so he could get his buddies and they can all get their drinks. I said yeah no problem. Not thinking that all like 5 of them were going to hang out at our table!! I was a bit perturbed at first. Then they started talking to me randomly. The first guy asked what bands were playing. I told him. Then he asked what kind of music it was. Then I started to explain(in the mean time one of his friends comes up behind me and asked if I could believe his friends bull****). That was weird. And I just honestly didn't know what to do so, they kept caring conversations and the more they talked to weirder the conversations got! They asked me about my phone and asked if I liked it. And the tall guy with glasses(who was the creepiest one)said my picture was the boriest picture and asked if I was an architect(random). And I said no. So, he starts to talk about how he meets a lot of lesbian architects! It was insane! I couldn't stop but have this nervous laugh cause if I wasn't talking about to them they were talking amongst themselves and talking about really random stuff. It was ridiculous. So, The Goodnight Anthem came on and they left me alone, even though I can kinda feel them staring at me.
The Goodnight Anthem was awesome! I forgot how good they actually are live. They did a great job.
So, straight after their set Danielle asked me to get her another drink which I readily agreed to cause by this time I was really starting to feel uncomfortable. I get back and I believe I totally was ignoring them by this point and the one guy cheered me on(really weird). And so, this is the kicker, never in my life has this ever happened to me. The tall one with the glasses is like "Hey, Nina. I'm actually a porno director. Like on the web." At first I honestly didn't believe him I thought he was pulling my leg. So I said "No, your not" And he just nodded his head yes. and I'm like "No way, are you serious??!" and he nodded his head yes and at that moment I could tell he was being dead serious!!! I don't know what type of face I made after that but I'm sure it was priceless! Cause I looked down from my seat and JD and some other guy were laughing at me(at least they were looking my way). I never felt more uncomfortable in my life! I just completely ignored them after that. They got the memo and left.
I would have never thought that something so innocent would turn out to be that. Danielle's text message was classic. UGH. Only be I swear.

After all of that The Audition played. They were just as good as when I first saw them! I love them, I really do. Danced my heart out, which I don't do often at shows anymore. Got to meet Danny and Seth. They are really cool.

Afterwards I lost my phone. Found it in the street. Wet.

And we went to the diner ate and went home. I'm trying so hard to remember everything from that night. It was so jam packed with random stuff that I just couldn't keep up after a while.

[User Picture]From: daniellesince87
2009-05-15 06:32 pm (UTC)
I thoroughly enjoyed each bands' set. It felt good to just let go during theAudition. I forgot what it felt like to just not care.

I made a promise to my father, Leyland, and Jehovah that I would no longer pursue a friendship with JD. He is wordly, and there is no way around that. For me to actually talk to him would give him the impression that we could still be friends. I was civil, I didn't completely ignore him. I do not feel like you are in the middle for the simple fact that I walked away and gave you an opportunity to speak with him. What you choose to do has no bearing on me, or my decisions. I said I did not have a problem with you speaking to him.

I do not want my choices to affect your comfort level. I can simply not go to Valencia shows with you, to avoid anymore situations that might bother you.
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[User Picture]From: flyaway_dreamer
2009-05-15 11:39 pm (UTC)
Danielle I understand. Maybe I am being too harsh about the whole thing. Or maybe it is just my lack of understanding on the whole ordeal. I would never let someone that I barely talk to effect our relationship in anyway, and in no means did I think you were mean or anything like that. Cause you were friendly. I just felt like his main focus was you first and then me. That's when you become the middle man.
And I wasn't even remotely talking about what I was doing or your decisions cause I thought at one point you said that you would talk to him at shows. But, maybe I misunderstood what you were trying to tell me.

Honestly Danielle, I can't even imagine going to a Valencia show without you lol. You introduced me to the band which I am so thankful for! And you most obviously have a huge love for the band. I should be the one who shouldn't go out of both of us. No by no means was I even implying you not going to a show over one person. I would never want something like that to happen.
I honestly think, due to what you said that I must have a big lack of understanding on the whole thing. Let me know. Please.
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